Threads – What is the new trends in social media 2023?

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Threads, the new social network from Meta, rival of X, is available in Europe

Meta, the American tech giant behind Facebook and Instagram, is introducing its new social network, “Threads,” to the European Union. The app, launched in July outside Europe, has finally made its way to the old continent, aiming to compete with the likes of X (formerly Twitter).

The European Arrival

After almost six months of anticipation, Threads is now available on smartphones across Europe. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg reported a staggering 100 million users signing up within the first five days of its global launch in July. However, the initial excitement waned, with active users dropping from 44 million to 8 million a month later.

Tailoring to European Regulations

To comply with the European Digital Data Protection Act, Meta had to address data transfers between Threads and Instagram. Users can log in with their Instagram credentials to post content on Threads. For citizens of the European Economic Area (EU27, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein), Meta offers the option to create a Threads profile linked to their Instagram account. This allows them to have the same experience as global users or use Threads without a profile, limiting interaction with the content.

The Threads Experience

What is the new trends in social media 2023? - Threads

Threads serves as a microblogging platform, providing a space for dialogue through relatively short messages of up to 500 characters, compared to 280 on X. Users can enrich exchanges with photos and videos. Threads is seamlessly integrated into Meta’s ecosystem, stemming from Instagram, its highly successful product with two billion users.

X’s Challenges

X, owned by Elon Musk, has faced challenges since his acquisition a year ago, losing advertisers and seeing a decline in active users. Despite this, X remains one of the world’s leading social networks with 300 million users.


As Threads makes its debut in Europe, the competition in the social media landscape intensifies. Whether Threads can sustain its initial momentum and compete effectively against established platforms like X remains to be seen. The dynamic nature of the social media industry and user preferences will play a crucial role in determining the success of Meta’s new venture.

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FAQs About Threads

  1. What makes Threads different from other social networks? Threads distinguishes itself as a microblogging platform with short messages, fostering quick and engaging interactions.
  2. How can European users customize their Threads experience? European users can choose to create a Threads profile linked to their Instagram account or use Threads without a profile, with limited interaction options.
  3. Why did Threads experience a decline in active users after its initial success? The initial surge in users was followed by a significant drop, raising questions about the platform’s ability to retain its audience. Factors contributing to this shift are complex and multifaceted.
  4. How does Threads integrate with Meta’s ecosystem? Threads is an integral part of Meta’s ecosystem, originating from Instagram, providing users with a seamless experience across platforms.
  5. What challenges does X face in the current social media landscape? X, despite being one of the leading social networks, has encountered challenges, including a loss of advertisers and a decline in active users, since Elon Musk’s acquisition.

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