Unveiling the Allotment Status of DOMS Industries IPO

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DOMS Industries IPO Allotment Status: Decoding the Bumper Response

Investing in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) is always a thrilling endeavor, and the recent frenzy surrounding DOMS Industries has certainly caught the attention of investors. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the DOMS Industries IPO allotment status, application details, the latest Grey Market Premium (GMP), and the eagerly anticipated listing date.

I. Introduction

As the DOMS Industries IPO drew to a close after being open for bidding from December 13 to December 15, investors are now on the edge of their seats, awaiting crucial updates. The IPO, priced between Rs 750-790 per share with a lot size of 18 shares, aimed to raise a substantial Rs 1,200 crores through a combination of a fresh share sale and an offer-for-sale (OFS) of up to 10,759,493 equity shares.

II. Basis of Allotment

Scheduled for announcement on Monday, December 18, the basis of allotment holds the key to understanding how shares will be allocated. The response to the primary offering has been exceptional, with institutional bidders leading the charge during the three-day bidding process.

III. Subscription Statistics

The overwhelming demand for DOMS Industries’ IPO is evident in the subscription statistics. The issue was oversubscribed a staggering 93.52 times, showcasing the confidence and interest from various investor categories. Qualified institutional bidders (QIBs) notably oversubscribed by 115.97 times.

IV. Grey Market Premium (GMP)

The Grey Market Premium (GMP) of DOMS Industries has witnessed a substantial rise, currently commanding a premium of Rs 520-530 per share. This surge suggests a listing pop of 65-67%, providing a lucrative opportunity for investors.

V. Company Overview

Incorporated in 2006, DOMS Industries has become a prominent player in the stationery and art product sector. The company, boasting a global footprint across more than 40 countries, specializes in the conception, advancement, production, and commerce of various items under the flagship brand ‘DOMS.’

VI. Brokerage Recommendations

Leading brokerage firms, including JM Financial, BNP Paribas, ICICI Securities, and IIFL Securities, have expressed optimism about DOMS Industries. Their positive outlook is attributed to the company’s strong market share, growth potential, and a robust distribution network globally.

VII. Book Running Lead Managers

Crucial to the IPO process are the book running lead managers, including JM Financial, BNP Paribas, ICICI Securities, and IIFL Securities. Link Intime India has been appointed as the registrar to the issue, ensuring smooth coordination.

VIII. Listing Details

Shares of DOMS Industries are set to be listed on both BSE and NSE, with the tentative date being December 20, Wednesday. This listing date adds to the excitement for investors anticipating potential gains.

IX. Checking Allotment Status

Investors keen on checking the allotment status have two avenues. The BSE website’s IPO application check page provides a user-friendly platform. Selecting the equity category, choosing DOMS Industries, and entering the application number and PAN card details will reveal the allotment status. Alternatively, the online portal of Link Intime India offers a convenient method. Selecting the IPO of DOMS Industries, investors can enter either PAN Card number, Application Number, or DP Client ID to retrieve the allotment status.

X. Conclusion

In conclusion, the DOMS Industries IPO has captured significant attention, and investors are advised to stay informed. The allotment status, GMP, and listing date are crucial elements influencing investment decisions. As the market eagerly awaits Monday, December 18, for the basis of allotment announcement, investors should prepare for potential positive outcomes.

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  1. How can I check the allotment status on the BSE website?
    • Visit the BSE website’s IPO application check page, select the equity category, choose DOMS Industries, enter the application number and PAN card details, and submit.
  2. What information do I need for checking allotment status on Link Intime India?
    • Visit the Link Intime India portal, select the IPO of DOMS Industries, and enter either PAN Card number, Application Number, or DP Client ID to search for the allotment status.
  3. When is the tentative date for the listing of DOMS Industries shares?
    • Shares are expected to be listed on both BSE and NSE on December 20, Wednesday.
  4. What factors contribute to the Grey Market Premium (GMP)?
    • GMP rises based on investor demand and market sentiment. In the case of DOMS Industries, a robust bidding process contributed to an increase in GMP.
  5. How are brokerage recommendations influencing investor sentiment?
    • Positive recommendations from reputable brokerages indicate confidence in DOMS Industries, influencing investor sentiment positively.

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