Actor Dylan Robert Indicted: César Winner Faces Murder Charges

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The Actor Dylan Robert, César winner for Best Male Newcomer, indicted for murder.


Dylan Robert, the 2019 César winner for Best New Male Talent, faces legal troubles as he is placed under investigation for murder and attempted murder in connection with a drug-related killing in Marseille in August 2021. This article delves into the recent developments surrounding Dylan Robert’s legal situation, shedding light on the accusations and the actor’s response.

The Allegations

Dylan Robert, 23, acclaimed for his role in “Shéhérazade,” denies the charges leveled against him in the investigation into the murder of a teenager at a drug point in Marseille. The actor was awarded the César for his portrayal of a street tough in the film.

Legal Proceedings

The actor Dylan Robert, César winner for Best Male Newcomer, indicted for murder.
IMAGE SOURCE – GOOGLE | | Dylan Robert au photocall du “Déjeuner des Nommés César 2019” au restaurant le Fouquet’s à Paris, France, le 3 février 2019. © Olivier Borde/Bestimage© BestImage

Despite vehemently contesting the allegations, Dylan Robert finds himself entangled in a legal web. His lawyers express surprise at the timing of the indictment, emphasizing the actor’s denial of the charges. They question the basis of the indictment, labeling it as relying on “conjectural rumors.”

Legal History

This is not the first time Dylan Robert has faced legal issues. The actor had been in provisional detention since November, following a previous indictment in April 2022 for involvement in organized crime.

The Incident

According to reports, Dylan Robert is suspected of driving the scooter used in an assassination during a conflict between drug dealers in Marseille’s northern neighborhoods. The incident took place on August 18, 2021, resulting in the death of a 14-year-old and the injury of another minor.

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Minister’s Response

The tragic incident prompted a strong response from the French authorities, with Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin condemning the “ignoble act” during his visit near Marseille.

Actor’s Background

Dylan Robert’s journey to fame was marked by a mix of talent recognition and legal entanglements. Discovered by the film industry despite prior legal troubles, the actor was incarcerated in 2020 for his involvement in a 2018 restaurant robbery.

Previous Convictions

Before the recent indictment, Dylan Robert had been sentenced to thirty months in prison in January 2022 for violent theft. His legal troubles date back, with previous stints in provisional detention for various cases involving armed robbery and violence.

Post-“Shéhérazade” Career

Following his breakthrough in “Shéhérazade,” Dylan Robert continued his acting career with notable roles, including a part in Maïwenn’s 2020 film “ADN.”


The unfolding legal saga involving Dylan Robert adds a complex chapter to the actor’s life. As legal proceedings continue, the acclaimed young talent finds himself at the intersection of fame and a tumultuous legal history.

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  1. Is Dylan Robert still in custody? As of now, Dylan Robert remains in provisional detention following his recent indictment.
  2. What are the specific charges against Dylan Robert? The actor is facing charges of murder and attempted murder in connection with a drug-related killing in Marseille.
  3. How has the film industry reacted to Dylan Robert’s legal troubles? The film industry has not issued official statements. Dylan Robert’s legal situation remains a personal matter.
  4. What was the response of Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin to the incident? Gérald Darmanin denounced the incident as an “act ignoble” and expressed condolences to the bereaved families.
  5. Will Dylan Robert’s legal issues affect his career? The impact on Dylan Robert’s career remains uncertain. Legal proceedings will determine the actor’s future trajectory.


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