Breaking Down the Patriots’ Victory Against the Steelers: Unveiling the 7 Key Moments

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Breaking Down the Patriots’ Victory Against the Steelers: Unveiling the 7 Key Moments


The Patriots secured a crucial win against the Steelers, breaking a five-game losing streak and marking their third victory of the 2023 season. In this breakdown, we’ll delve into the key elements that defined the Patriots’ 21-18 triumph in Pittsburgh.

1. Explosive First Drive

The Patriots set the tone with a dynamic opening drive, featuring Bailey Zappe’s connection with Juju Smith-Schuster for a 37-yard gain. The drive culminated in a remarkable 11-yard reception by Ezekiel Elliott, establishing an early 7-0 lead and surprising the Steelers.

2. Peppers Picks, Henry Scores

Jabrill Peppers showcased his defensive prowess with a crucial interception off Trubisky, setting the stage for Hunter Henry’s impressive end-zone catch. This sequence rapidly propelled the Patriots to a 14-point lead, with Zappe displaying his quarterback finesse.

3. The Juju and Hunter Formula

The Patriots continued their offensive dominance, with Zappe capitalizing on the Juju Smith-Schuster and Hunter Henry connection. Smith-Schuster’s explosive plays and Henry’s reliable receptions contributed to a 21-3 lead, leaving Steelers fans disheartened.

4. Steelers Strike Back

Breaking Down the Patriots' Victory Against the Steelers: Unveiling the 7 Key Moments
Patriots running back Ezekiel Elliott (15) scores an 11-yd touchdown on the opening drive.
IMAGE SOURCE – GOOGLE | | Photo by Eric J.Adler

Facing a significant deficit, the Steelers responded with a Trubisky-to-Johnson touchdown, narrowing the gap to 21-10. The Patriots’ passing defense faced challenges, highlighting an area that needs attention despite their stellar first-half performance.

5. Zappe Gets Picked, Defense Steps Up

Zappe’s interception in the third quarter provided the Steelers an opportunity, but the Patriots defense exhibited resilience. Despite starting deep in Patriots territory, the defense held firm, showcasing their ability to support the team in critical moments.

6. Special Teams Letdown

The Patriots’ special teams faced issues with a blocked punt, allowing the Steelers to capitalize and score a touchdown. This highlighted ongoing challenges in the special teams unit, an aspect the Patriots need to address for consistent success.

7. Patriots are 3-10

The win propels the Patriots to a 3-10 record, offering a glimmer of hope amid a challenging season. Bailey Zappe’s impactful performance, coupled with defensive resilience, hints at the potential for complementary football that has defined the Patriots in previous successful seasons.


Despite a less impressive second half, the Patriots secured a vital win. As they maintain the second spot in the draft, the team looks forward to a brief break before facing the Kansas City Chiefs. The victory provides a welcome reprieve from the struggles that have marked the 2023 season.


1. How crucial is this win for the Patriots’ season?

The win is significant, breaking a five-game losing streak and offering hope amid a challenging season.

2. What stood out in Bailey Zappe’s performance?

Zappe’s early dominance, three first-half touchdowns, and his role in building a double-digit lead were standout aspects.

3. How did the defense contribute to the victory?

The defense showcased resilience, particularly in critical moments, supporting the team after offensive and special teams challenges.

4. What are the areas of improvement for the Patriots?

Special teams, highlighted by a blocked punt, and maintaining consistency in the passing defense are areas requiring attention.

5. What does the future hold for the Patriots in the 2023 season?

The Patriots enjoy a brief break before facing the Kansas City Chiefs, aiming to build on the momentum from this crucial win


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